AmiRun 2 DevLog #14

09.10.2022 - 11:10

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Well it's been a long time since the last AmiRun2 DevLog, but that's not because AmiRun is on hold. It's more because we wrote a new game for the Evoke incl. graphic music etc. so there was not much time left for AmiRun.
Have a look at Beer Mania it is quite funny and as always free.

AmiRun can now strike or in other words he now has Melee attacks. I'm currently thinking if the standard melee attack should be a weapon of its own so let's say weapon slot 1 and every other weapon a different weapon slot. Since you now keep collected weapons and you should be able to switch them through you would now have to switch to weapon slot 1 to box.

Alternatively there is the possibility to put melee attacks on one button and firearms on another. This makes it possible that melee attacks can be executed at any time and firearms on another button can be used additionally.

Then level 3 (the driving level) will be tinkered with again and maybe completely rebuilt to a different driving system that feels more realistic than the rail runner mode we have at the moment.

Then Core had an idea for a point and click adventure. So we started a small side project. It's about a pizza delivery guy who has to deliver a bunch of pizzas. Of course it's not easy, delivering is fast but nobody has money.
The game will be a classic point and click with pixel optics and a funny story.

Then in this video you will get a short insight into Danger Dennis and the graphics I made for this game. Danger Dennis is a conversion of the classic C64 game "MrRobot and his robot factory" for the Amiga.
It is programmed by Dennis Pauler from Virtual Dimension and you can watch it live on the Amiga 37 or even take a selfie with the Danger Dennis stand figure.