Devlab.ev Sokoban

12.05.2022 - 10:05
A simple small Sokoban clone for Windows / Linux / MacOS and Android.
The game was developed for the foundation of our association.

This DevLab Game is a small 3d Sokoban clone. You are a robot in the DevLab and you have to push the crates on the goal tiles to finish the level.

The limitation is only one crate can be pushed at a time. The original game "Sokoban" comes from Japan and the name means “warehouse keeper”.
This game features atm. 21 levels, keep an eye on the Move and Turn counter.

Control our laboratory robot with the Cursor keys to move and push the crates.
F1 - Change perspective ( Ego // Third Person )
F5 - Restart the Level
Escape - Back to Mainmenü
Code - JustEpyx
Music - Core / Amitac
Graphics - Core

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