We at Evoke 2022

09.08.2022 - 10:08

This year we were also live on site and brought our stuff to the event. We arrived with 2 pieces of music, a game and a pixel graphic, and a few beers for consumption. After entering the files we went to Lukas Podolski's kebab store to inhale a few calories.  Then we set up our camp at the table of our friends from Abyss Connection and joined in the celebration.

Amitac has submitted 2 music pieces for TSA and DevLab, these have placed 14th and 15th in the MP3/OGG Music competition! Skyrunner and Epyx have brought a game ( Beer Mania ) that has slipped to 6th place in the interactive competition. Epyx pixelated a graphic for the Pixel Graphics competition and placed 16th.

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